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       Title: Pear Marmalade
  Categories: Preserves
       Yield: 1 Servings
      10 lb Pears
      10 lb Sugar
       6    Oranges
       3    Lemons
            Chopped walnuts & maraschino
            Cherries (if desired)
   Cut pears in medium-sized pieces, mix with sugar and
   let stand till some juice forms.  Boil down till it
   starts to thicken slightly.  Squeeze juice from
   oranges and lemons.  Slice oranges and lemon skins
   thinly or put through grinder.  Steam skins till
   tender and add to pears along with juice.  Continue
   boiling till of desired thickness.  (Marmalade is more
   apt to stick during this second boiling so boil pears
   away sufficiently before adding oranges and lemons.)
   Add chopped walnuts and cherries just before sealing
   if desired.  Source: Heritage Recipes ch.