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  Categories: Desserts, Rice
       Yield: 8 servings
     100 g  Rice
       4 c  Whole milk
     400 g  Sweetened condensed milk
            Chopped nuts like walnuts,
            Pistas, almonds
            Raisins (optional)
       1 pn Cardamom powder (optional)
   Heat 1 tsp butter in a cooking dish and fry the rice
   until pale golden brown. (I usually use Basmati rice
   for this, but you can use any rice) Once the rice has
   fried, add milk and cook and the rice. This will take
   30 minutes, check and stir the rice and milk
   occasionally and be careful not to burn the bottom of
   the vessel ( a double-broiler works well here). After
   the rice is soft, add the condensed milk and cook for
   another 7-10 mins stirring constantly unti the pudding
   reaches the consistency you like best. Remove from
   fire and serve garnished with nuts, cardamom powder
   and raisins. The pudding can also be chilled and
   served cold. NOTES: If you like your pudding to be
   more sweet, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar to
   taste after you have added the condensed milk.
   Full-fat milk works best to get a creamy, thick
   pudding, if you are calorie and fat conscious, use
   skimmed milk to cook the rice. You can also use less
   or more of rice in your pudding according to your
   taste and preference.