Date:    Fri, 06 May 94 15:25:59 PDT
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld <>
   (makes plenty of servings)
 1   cup    small tapioca pearls
 2   cups   water
 1/2 basket fresh strawberries
 1/4 cup    Sucanat (tm)
 1   TB     vanilla
 - chop strawberries
 - cook water with strawberries to a rolling boil
 - add remaining ingredients, reduce heat to low.
 - stir constantly or frequently until most of the tapioca pearls
   have turned completely translucent.
 - turn off heat and let cool for a while
   Tastes great warm or cold and is real filling too!
   Sucanat (powdered cane juice) should be available at a local HFS
 if you don't have it try cane sugar (found in the mexican section,
 usually), cane syrup, or some other flavored sweetner.  Cinnamon sugar
 might work too.
   If you want to avoid sugar altogether try doubling the strawberries
 and vanilla, leaving out sugar altogether.  You will probably need to
 reduce the water as well.
   I assume you could make this with tapioca flour or different size
 pearls.  This is the only method I've tried - gotta use up what I have
   1 basket = 1 pint = 12 oz = .35kg
   1 cup = 2.5dl