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       Title: Pickled Black Eyed Peas
  Categories: Vegetables, Relishes
       Yield: 12 servings
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       1 lb Dried black eyed peas               2 oz Pimiento; diced; drained
       2 c  Italian salad dressing              1 tb Garlic; finely chopped
       2 c  Green pepper; diced                      -Salt to taste
   1 1/2 c  Onion; diced                             Hot pepper sauce; to taste
     1/2 c  Jalapeno peppers; finely            1 c  Parsley; chopped; optional
   Soak peas overnight.  Cook until just tender about 40 minutes. Do not over
   cook.  Drain peas.  In a large bowl, combine peas and salad dressing. Let
   peas cool. Add green pepper, onion, green onion, jalapenos, pimiento,
   garlic, salt, hot pepper sauce and parsley. Marinate overnight. Serve as a
   relish, on a bed of lettuce as a salad or can be sutffed in a tomato.
   Yield:  10-12 servings
   Source:  Celebrate San Antonio A Cookbook by the San Antonio Junior Forum