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       Title: Piccalilli
  Categories: Relishes, Vegetables, Preserve
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 qt Green Tomatoes, Chopped             3 c  Cider Vinegar
       2 ea Med. Red Peppers *                  2 c  Brown Sugar
       2 ea Med. Green Peppers *                1 ea 3-inch Stick Cinnamon
       2 ea Lge. Onions,Peeled & Chopped        1 ts Whole Cloves
       1 ea Small Head Cabbage ** OR            1 ts Whole allspice
       2 c  Cucumber, Chopped                   1 ts Mustard Seeds
     1/2 c  Salt                           
   *    Peppers should be seeded and chopped.
   **   Cabbage should be shredded.
   Combine all the vegetables and the slat and let stand overnight.  In the
   morning, drain the vegetables pressing out the juice.  Add the vinegar,
   sugar and the spices, tied in a bag; bring to a boil and simmer until the
   vegetables are clear and the syrup is thickened.  Discard the spice bag
   and seall the picalilli in hot jars.
   Makes 8 Pints.
   One tablespoon each peppercorns and celery seeds may be substituted for
   the cinnamon.