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      Title: Black Bean Relish
 Categories: Vegetables Relish Mexican   
   Servings:  6
      15 oz Black Beans; Canned, * 
     3/4 c  Tomato; Finely Chopped,1 med 
       1 ea Serrano Chile; ** 
     1/2 c  Red Bell Pepper; Chopped 
     1/4 c  Red Onion; Finely Chopped 
       2 T  White Wine Vinegar 
       1 T  Vegetable Oil 
     1/4 t  Salt 
   *    Black beans should be canned and they should be rinsed and drained.
   **   Serrano chile should be seeded and finely chopped.
   Mix all ingredients.  Cover and refrigerate until chilled, about 1 hour.
   Makes about 2 1/2 cups relish.