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  Categories: Sauces
       Yield: 1 servings
       4 tb Drippings from 4 half-inch
            Baked ham steaks
     1/4 c  Firmly packed *light* brown
     1/2 c  *strong* fresh-brewed black
     Contributed to the echo by: Janice Norman HAM & REDEYE GRAVY Remove the
   steaks from their fry-drippings and measure out 4 tbsp. of the fat. Dispose
   of the rest. Stir the sugar into the pan at LOW heat, stirring constantly,
   until the sugar dissolves. Add the coffee, and simmer until the gravy turns
   a rich brown (maybe 5 minutes or so). DO NOT ALLOW THE GRAVY TO BOIL! Pour
   the gravy over the ham and serve.
   (NOTE): If you're using uncooked slices of a salty, dry-cured ham, add a
   cup of water to the skillet along with the ham. The ham will absorb all the
   water by the time it’s cooked through. Add more water if the original
   amount is absorbed too quickly.
   If you're using salt pork, or pork belly fat (like bacon, but unsmoked), be
   sure to blanch it before using. To blanch, cover with cold water, bring to
   a boil, simmer 3 minutes, then drain. Fry a little chunk, and if it’s still
   too salty, blanch it again.