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                         MICHAEL'S SPAGHETTI SAUCE
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 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Sauces                           Pasta
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         -----TOMATO PRODUCTS-----
   12       oz           Tomato paste
   16       oz           Tomato sauce
   28       oz           Tomato puree
   28       oz           Tomatoes, crushed
    4                    Garlic cloves
    1       lg           Bay leaf
    1       T            Sugar
      1/2   t            Black pepper, ground
    1       T            Oregano
    1       T            Thyme
    1       t            Coriander
    2       t            Rubbed sage
    2       t            Cilantro (or less
    2       T            Parsley
    2       t            Basil
      1/2   t            Red pepper, crushed
    1       md           Onion
      1/3   c            Olive oil
    1       T            Sesame oil
      1/2   lb           Italian sausage,
      1/2   lb           Ground beef, lean
    4       T            Worcestershire sauce
    2       t            Sesame oil
    2       T            Olive oil
      1/3   c            Bread crumbs
    1       t            Sage
    2       t            Rosemary
    1       t            Thyme
    1       t            Basil
      1/2   c            Sherry
   Chop the garlic very finely.  Chop the onion.  Combine in a suitable pot
   the tomato products and seasonings. Bring to a simmer.
   In a bowl, combine the meatball ingredients except the sherry.  Break this
   mixture apart into small balls or bits according to preference.
   Heat a wok or skillet and saute the meat mixture until cooked to 'rare'. Do
   not overcook or singe the meat.  Remove the grease from the meat mixture by
   straining in a colander, then return to the hot wok or skillet and reheat.
   Add sherry and reduce.  Add this to the sauce in the pot.  Simmer this
   mixture on the lowest possible heat for 6 or 7 hours. Stir occasionally.
   *  An exotically spiced spaghetti sauce with meat -- This is a very
   adaptable sauce which can be used in any recipe requiring tomato sauces.
   Best on spaghetti with garlic bread!
   *  I have found that Hunt’s tomato products deliver the best flavor for
   this sauce; they are somewhat sweeter and less acidic than other brands. I
   always use Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce.
   *  This spaghetti sauce is the work of about 2 years experimentation.  It
   has won some of the local cooking contests here in Maine.
   : Difficulty:  easy but tedious.
   : Time:  1 hour preparation, 7 hours cooking.
   : Precision:  approximate measurement OK.
   : Michael R.  Dow
   : University of Maine, Police Dept., Orono, Maine, USA
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