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                            PERFECT GIBLET GRAVY
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 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Sauces                           Lamb
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         Giblets, wing tips, and neck
                         Bones from turkey
    2       qt           Cold water
    1       lg           Onion, chopped
    2                    Ribs, celery, chopped
    3       tb           Shopped parsley
                         Fat can be poultry fat, ole
                         Or butter
                         Freshly ground pepper
   While turkey cooks (or the day before), cover the
   giblets, wing tips and neck bones with water in a
   large pot. Add onion, celery and parsley and simmer 2
   hours. Strain broth and reserve for gravy. Pick meat
   from neck and wing tips; finely chop all giblets and
   meat. Pour turkey drippings into bowl; let stand a few
   minutes or chill in refrigerator until fat rises to
   the top. Skim off the fat.
                     THIS IS THE PERFECT GRAVY by Ann
   Criswell For each 2 cups gravy desired, use 3
   tablespoons fat, 3 tablespoons flour and 2 cups of
   liquid (meat juices or broth, vegetable juice,
   bouillon and/or water). Measure fat into saucepan.
   Over low heat, blend in flour; cook until bubbly,
   stirring constantly with a wire whisk. If desired,
   brown fat and flour slightly to give more color and
   flavor.  Remove pan from heat. Stir in liquid and
   whisk constantly until blended with fat-flour mixture.
   Add chopped giblets. Summer gently about 5 minutes.
   Correct the salt and pepper to taste. Makes 8-1/2 cup
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