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      title: brown chili sauce
 categories: professional, mexican, sauce
   servings: 8
       2 lb chicken parts - necks and wi
       2 t  flour
       2 t  ground cumin
       1 t  garlic
       5 t  chile powder
       1 t  ground oregano
       2 t  tomato paste
       1 c  beef broth
       2 c  water
 cut chicken into small pieces (about 1-inch) 
 heat a skillet, over a moderate flame 
 add chicken and brown well on all sides 
 remove chicken with a slotted spoon 
 degrease drippings and return to skillet 
 whisk in flour, cumin, garlic, and chile powder 
 heat and stir for 2-3 minutes 
 add chicken and remaining ingredients 
 heat and stir, over a moderate flame, until mixture boils reduce heat and
 simmer for 30-40 minutes, stirring often strain through a chinois or
 cheesecloth, discarding solids serve warm or at room temperature