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      title: butter sauce
 categories: professional, sauce
   servings: 1
       2 oz unsalted butter
       2 oz bread flour
       2 c  water
       5    egg yolk
       2 oz heavy cream
       1 oz fresh lemon juice
            kosher salt
            white pepper
       4 oz unsalted butter
 heat the butter in a saucepan, over a medium-low flame 
 whisk in the flour to make a white roux 
 whisk in the water
 heat and stir for 10 minutes, until smooth and thickened combine yolks
 and cream to make a liason 
 add 1 tablespoon hot sauce to the liason-mix well 
 slowly stir the tempered liason back into the hot sauce heat and stir
 until just below the simmering point, do not boil 
 stir in lemon juice 
 season to taste with salt and pepper 
 strain through a chinois or cheesecloth 
 stir the pieces of butter into the sauce, one at a time 
 keep warm, do not boil
 serve hot or warm