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       Title: Lil’s Thrills BBQ Sauce
  Categories: Chiles, Barbecue, Sauces
       Yield: 1 Qt
       8 lg Tomatoes
       2    Mature (yellow)
            Lemon drop chilles
     1/4 c  Cider vinegar
       3 cl Garlic, chopped
     1/2 c  Unsulphured molasses
       2 tb Orange marmalade
            Salt and pepper to taste
     1/2 ts Powdered ginger
     1/2 ts Ground mustard
     1/4 ts Allspice
     1/4 ts Celery seed
     1/8 ts Powdered thyme
       1    Bay leaf
   Cook everything together for a few hours.  Remove bay leaf.  Put in
   food processor and blend it all together until it looks like sauce.
   When you are cooking it down, you can tell pretty much when it will
   make a good consistency sauce when processed.  Cooking time depends
   on how “watery” your tomatoes are.  Walt MM
   Lillian Kepp