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       Title: Salsa Di Pomodoro A Crudo Di Flavia
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       Yield: 4 servings
     1 1/2 lb fresh, sweet, mature
   :          vineripened tomatoes
   :          or sweet, ripe cherry
   :          tomatoes
         4 lg fresh basil leaves, torn
   :          into very small p -- or
   :          chopped
         1 lg clove garlic, finely chopped
   :          or -- passed through a garl
         5 TB extra virgin olive oil
   :          Generous 1/2 teaspoon salt,
   :          or to taste
   :          Freshly milled black or
   :          white pepper to taste
         1 lg ripe (but not spotted) Hass
   :          avocado
   Cut out the tough area around the core of each tomato
   and cut the tomatoes into quarters lengthwise. Using
   your fingers, push out excess seeds. Cut the tomatoes
   into rough dice or chop them coarsely. Place the
   tomatoes in the bowl in which you will serve the
   pasta, or in a sauce dish if using with fish. Add the
   basil, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Insert a
   knife into the avocado at the top, where the navel is.
   Cut into the avocado until you reach the seed, then
   make a clean incision all the way around the length of
   the fruit. Grasping onehalf in one hand and the other
   half in your other hand, twist the halves in opposite
   directions to open the avocado. The seed should fall
   right out. Peel and thinly slice each half crosswise;
   then cut the slices further into small strips or dice.
   Add the avocado to the bowl with the other
   ingredients. Toss to mix and allow to stand at room
   temperature while the pasta or fish cooks. Makes
   approximately 21/2 cups
   Note: This recipe is sufficient for saucing 1 pound of
   Ahead of time note: Make the sauce up to 2 hours in
   advance. Cover and leave at room temperature until
   ready to serve.
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