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       Title: Salsa Alla Bolognese
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       Yield: 4 servings
         3 TB sweet (unsalted) butter
         1 sm white or yellow onion, --
   :          chopped fine
         1 sm celery stalk, -- chopped
   :          fine
       1/2 sm carrot, -- chopped fine
       1/4 lb lean, good quality beef,
   :          preferably chuck, -- ground
   :          twi
       1/4 lb lean, good quality pork,
   :          preferably belly, -- ground
   :          twi
       1/4 lb lean, good quality veal, --
   :          ground twice
       1/8 lb prosciutto crudo,
   :          thicksliced, -- chopped
       1/2 ts salt, -- or to taste
   :          Freshmilled pepper to taste
       1/2 c  good quality, dry white
   :          wine
       2/3 c  milk
       1/8 ts nutmeg, -- preferably
   :          freshgrated
     2 1/2 c  (1 28ounce can) Italian plum
   :          tomatoes, peeled,
   :          seeded and chopped, in
   :          puree
       1/2 c  cream (optional)
         1    white truffle, thinly sliced
   :          at the end -- (optional)
   In a large, wide Dutch oven or large, deep skillet,
   saute the butter, chopped onion, celery, and carrot
   until they are soft but not browned. Add the ground
   meats and prosciutto, turning the flame very low. It
   is very important that the meat heat very gently, only
   enough to color it on the outside. Not searing the
   meat allows it to absorb the other flavors of the
   sauce, and will also make it more delicate and creamy.
   Break up and stir the meat as you heat it. You should
   get it to a uniform pink, not brown color. Add the
   salt, pepper and wine. Simmer very gently for several
   minutes until the alcohol evaporates and the liquid
   begins to be absorbed by the meat and vegetables. Stir
   in milk and nutmeg. It is important to add the milk
   before adding the tomatoes for it to be absorbed
   directly by the meat. Cook gently for 10 minutes. Add
   the tomatoes. When the sauce begins to simmer, turn
   the flame down as low as you can. If your burner
   cannot be regulated low enough, insert a “flame
   tamer.” Simmer in this way, partially covered, for
   about 4 hours, stirring it gently now and then. Check
   for seasonings and add an additional pinch of nutmeg
   if necessary. If the sauce is being used on fresh
   noodles (not lasagne), and you have a mind to be
   extravagant, add the cream and the finely sliced
   truffle when it is finished. Stir and pour over cooked
   fresh pasta.
   Yield: Sauce for 1 pound of pasta
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