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       Title: Mama Braun’s Spaghetti Sauce
  Categories: Entrees, Mom
       Yield: 1 batch
      15 lb Ground beef
            -(or 10 lb ground beef
            -and 5 lb ground lamb)
       2 qt Chicken necks and backs,
            -boiled down in own broth
       9 lb Onion, unpeeled
       2 qt Beef stock
   4 1/2 qt Bell peppers, blended
       3 ga Progresso tomato paste
       2 t  Salt
       3 lb Mushrooms
   2 2/3 c  Sugar
       1 T  Oregano
            Gunk, to taste
            -(see recipe)
   Fill two 5-gallon pots with equal portions of ground beef (or beef and
   lamb) and scramble over high heat until well-done.
   Blend onions and add to meat, along with beef juice.  Blend bell peppers
   and add to meat.  Add tomato paste and cut heat from high (boiling) to
   simmer.  Add salt, mushrooms, blended chicken meat, sugar, “gunk” and
   oregano.  This should be let to simmer for half a day to a full day. When
   finished, can freeze basic sauce in jars or ziploc bags.
   TO SERVE SAUCE:  Thaw 1 1/2 quart container of sauce (four servings). Peel
   and sliver 4 garlic cloves into blender; add 1 cup wine (use sherry or
   burgundy) and 1 T  brown sugar, blend. Add to sauce and heat until ready.
   Beau’s notes:
   *  This sauce is patterned after that of a Syro-American restaurateur of
   Ocala whose restaurant, The Blue Bird, no longer exists. However, the
   spaghetti sauce recipe, one Mama (after trying at first more or less to
   duplicate the Blue Bird’s) refined, is immortal. Because of the vegetables
   used in it, the family tradition has been to make a meal of spaghetti with
   the sauce alone. The basic sauce is useful also for lasagna and other pasta
   *  Mom uses juices from beef roasted with sherry and “gunk” for beef stock.
   *  The family is still  boycotting Hunt’s anything!