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       Title: Orange Chipotle Sauce
  Categories: fruits, hot, sauces
       Yield: 1
      15 ea Roma tomatoes; tops removed
       2 ea red onions; cut into rings
       7 lg clove of garlic
       3 ea oranges; peeled
       4 ea chipotles in adobo
       2 tb adobo sauce
       5 c  chicken stock
       3 c  orange juice
     3/4 c  honey
       1    salt and pepper to taste
   Grill the first three ingredients together until well charred. Then put    
   them in a sauce pan with the other ingredients.                            
   Cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Adjust seasonings if necessary. Add more
    stock if needed to make the marinade more liquid.                         
   Contributor:  Chile Pepper Magazine, MM format by Roy Olsen