Barbecue Sauce Inspired by Kenny Rogers
 Categories:  Pitzer,Sauces
 Yield:  2 cups
 1     c   water
 1/3   c   white vinegar
 3     tb  cornstarch 
 6     tb  sugar
 1/2   c   ketchup
 1     tb  soy sauce
 2     ts  onion powder 
 1 1/2 ts  paprika
 1/2   ts  garlic salt 
 1/2   ts  pepper
 2     tb  Durkee’s bottled red hot sauce
 As listed put all ingredients in blender and blend with on/off speed on high 
 until very smooth.
 Cook on stove over medium high until thickened. 
 Remove from heat and cool until luke warm.
 Refrigerate in covered container to use within a few weeks or freeze to use 
 within a few months. (If desired you can add a few drops of red food 
 coloring to have the coloring of Kenny’s sauce.
 Typed by Annette Johnsen
 Source: Gloria Pitzer’s Fall 95 Newsletter