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  Categories: Meats, Sauce
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 tb Oil
       2 tb Unbleached Flour
       1 sm Onion Finely Chopped
      10 oz Beef Broth (1 can) PLUS
      10 oz Water (1 can full)
       3 tb Tomato Paste
     1/2 c  Ham, Finely Chopped
     1/2 c  Mushrooms, Chopped
       4 md Shallots Or Green Onions,
            -Finely Chopped
       4 tb Butter
     1/2 c  Dry Red Wine
       1 tb Lemon Juice
       1 tb Fresh Thyme, Chopped (Or 1
            -Tsp Dried)
       1 tb Worcestershire Sauce
   Make a roux by stirring 2 Tbls of oil and 2 Tbls of flour in a heavy
   skillet, over medium heat, until chocolate brown.  Add the onion and
   wilt then add the broth, water, tomato paste, ham and mushrooms. Cook
   until thickened and reduced to half, about 30 minutes.  In a small
   pan, saute the shallots in 4 Tbls of butter.  Add the red wine and
   simmer several more minutes.  Add the lemon juice, Worcestershire
   sauce and thyme. Before serving, strain out the solids and serve over
   the steak.
   From Cow Country Cusine By Kathy G. Mc Craine Copyright 1988