Mole Poblano (For Poultry, Pork or Beef)    No. 3059
      4           Chiles Mulatos           1/2 Cup       Peanuts, Roasted &
      4           Chiles Anchos                          Shelled
      4           Chiles Guajillos           1 Slice     Bread, Toasted
      4           Chiles Pasillas            2           Corn Tortillas
      1 Dozen     Whole Tomatoes             1 Tablet    Abuelita Chocolate
      1 LARGE     Onion, Quartered         1/8 Cup       Sesame Seeds
      4 Cloves    Garlic                       -         Lard (For Frying)
    1/2 Cup       Almonds, Shelled
      1           Plantian
 Devein and seed the chiles.
 Cut the plantain into  1/4 “ thick slices.
 Heat a wide skillet (or wok).
 Add  1/4 ” of oil to the hot pan.
 Fry all the ingredients, in batches, placing them all in a common bowl and
 mixing them after they are cooked.
 Puree the mixture in a blender, adding chicken stock as needed to adjust the
 consistency to a fairly thick, smooth sauce just thin enough to blend.
 Cook over a very low flame (or in a slow cooker) until the sauce becomes a
 dark, reddish brown (about 2 hours).
 Serve over chicken (chicken mole), turkey (turkey mole), pork or sirloin tips,
 accompanied by Mexican rice and corn tortillas (or Mexican rolls).