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      Title: Raspberry Glaze
 Categories: Poultry, Glaze, 1986 Dccc, 1st
   Servings: 10 ounces 
       1 c  Preserves, raspberry, 
            -- seedless
     1/2 c  Wine, white, port
       1 md Lemon, peel, grated
        In a saucepan, make the glaze by mixing together all of the
   ingredients and cooking for about 5 minutes over medium heat until the
   sauce is slightly thickened.
      Cook:  Stephen Abel, Delaware
      Source: “Chicken Cookery”  - 1994 Delmarva Chicken Cooking Contest
      :       Delmarva Poultry Industries, Inc.
      :       Georgetown, Delaware, 19947-9622