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  Categories: Sauces, Bar-b-q
       Yield: 8 servings
 -------------------MEMPHIS STYLE METHOD-------------------
   :       Memphis Style refers to the John Wills method
   and recipe of John Wills Bar-B-Que Pit, in east
   Memphis Tennessee. John and his family have provided
   pork ribs “crunchy brown on the outside and lean white
   in the middle with a sweet and tangy sauce.”
   Step #1: The Memphis starts with rubbing a spicy dry
   marinade into the meat before cooking.
    Step #2: Tending the ribs on a long, low, smokey
   fire, of white oak or hickory. Basting with a second
   marinade, turning often on a horizontal rack, every
   half hour or so. Cook over a (225F) degree, smokey
   fire. Cooking could take 5 to 9 hours depending on the
   size of the cooker etc. Stop using the basting sauce
   about an hour before serving.
    Step #3: Warm the Memphis sweet sauce and either
   brush it on during the last 20 minutes of cooking or
   serve it on the side.
    Weber Method;
     See #1 above and then. cook on low indirect fire on
   a large weber kettle with chunk style charcoal. Use a
   water filled drip pan under the ribs, a boiling pot of
   water over the coals. Stand the ribs up on edge in a
   vertical rack, and try to cook the ribs on a calm day,
   (wind under 10mph).
    Cook 5 to 7 hours basting often (every half hour),
   with the basting sauce, STOP using the basting sauce
   about an hour before serving.
    See step #3 above for sweet sauce tips.
    Mikenote: This recipe along with the following
   recipes will provide you with the most mouth watering
   ribs you ever locked a lip on....
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