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       Title: SAUCE POIVRADE
  Categories: Sauces
       Yield: 2 1/2 cups
       2 oz Slab bacon; diced
       2 lg Onions; chopped
       2 lg Carrots, peeled & chopped
       3 lg Shallots; minced
       1 lg Leek, white only; thinly
       2 T  Red wine vinegar
       2 T  Flour
       1    Garlic clove; crushed
       2 c  Wine, red, dry
       1    Bouquet garni
       2 c  Brown stock
       1 T  Peppercorns, green; cracked
            Salt; to taste
     1/4 c  Brandy
   Saut^B the bacon in a large heavy saucepan over medium heat for 2
   minutes. Add the onions, carrots, shallots, and leek and cook until
   well browned, about 12 to 15 minutes.  Stir in the vinegar and simmer
   over low heat until the liquid has evaporated, about 10 to 15
   minutes.  Whisk in the flour and cook one minute more.  Then add the
   garlic, wine, bouquet garni and stock. Simmer over low heat for one
   hour.  Stir in the cracked peppercorns and salt then simmer for 10
   minutes more. strain through a sieve lined with a layer of
   cheesecloth.  Return to the saucepan and add the brandy. Simmer 3
   minutes over low heat and serve hot.
   This easy version of the classic pepper sauce clearly illustrates why
   some old-time combinations just cannot be improved upon.  Serve this
   with beef or game, especially pheasant.  This sauce will also keep
   for two days in the refrigerator.  Re-warm over low heat before
              From The Complete Book Of Sauces by Sallie Y. Williams
                              per Sallie Krebs
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