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       Title: Brandied Tomato Gravy
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 12 servings
       1 cn Tomatoes (8oz)
       4 tb Butter or margarine
       2 tb Flour,all-purpose
       1 cn Beef broth (14oz)
       1 tb Brandy
     1/2 ts Meat-extract paste
     1/4 ts Salt
   1. Drain tomatoes; reserve liquid. Finely chop tomatoes; set aside.
   2. In 1-quart saucepan over medium heat, melt butter or margarine.
   Stir in flour; cook 1 minute.
   3. Gradually stir in beef broth, tomato liquid and tomatoes, brandy,
   meat-extract paste and salt; cook, stirring until gravy thickens and
   NOTE: Meat-extract paste is an extract of meat, concentrated to a
   paste, with seasoning added and packed in a jar. It is available in
   most supermarkets.