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  Categories: Sauces
       Yield: 1 servings
       3 tb Horseradish, fresh;grated
     1/4 c  -Bottled horseradish
            -drained & squeezed dry
       1 ts Lemon juice
       1 ts Wine vinegar
   1 1/2 ts Sugar
     1/4 ts Prepared English mustard
     1/2 c  Heavy cream
   “Serve with hot or cold roast beef.”
   Mix the Horseradish , lemon juice, vinegar, sugar and
   mustard in a small bowl and add a pinch of salt. Whip
   the cream until it is stiff and fold into the other
   ingredients. Chill until needed. It is a good idea to
   chill Horseradish for at least 3 hours before serving.
   MAKES: 3/4 CUP