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       Title:  Parmesan-Basil Cream Sauce - Great Chefs
  Categories: Basics, Sauces, Masterchefs, Frisco, E
       Yield: 2 cups
     1/2 c  Puree, basil **                          Salt (to taste)
       2 c  Cream, heavy                             Pepper (to taste)
       2 tb Cheese, Parmesan, grated       
        ** In a blender, add fresh basil to 1 tablespoon of white wine.
        Reduce basil puree by one-half.  Add cream, reduce to a smooth
   consistency, and remove from heat.  Add Parmesan cheese, salt and white
   pepper.  Strain and reserve.  (Sauce should be of a medium consistency.)
        Source: Great Chefs of San Francisco, Avon Books, 1984
        Chef:   Jacky Robert, Ernie’s, San Francisco, CA