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       Title: Pesto with Jalapeno
  Categories: Main dish, Pasta, Sauces
       Yield: 1 cup
     1/4 c  Pine nuts
       5 ea Garlic cloves, peeled
       1 sm Jalapeno, halved & seeded
       1 c  Parsley
       2 c  Basil leaves
     1/2 c  Olive oil
   Put nuts, garlic and jalapeno in food processor; process 30 seconds.
   Add parsley, basil and oil; pulse a few times to mix greens into oil.
   Process about 30 seconds, until mixture is finely pureed.
   Yield: About 1 cup.
   Adapted from Jacques Pepin, “The (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal”.
   July 22, 1990.