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  Categories: Sauces, Herb/spice, Italian, Pizza
       Yield: 1 batch
       1 tb Olive oil
       1 lg Garlic clove; finely chopped
       1 sm Onion; chopped
      28 oz Can crushed tomatoes*
     1/4 c  Dry red or white wine or
     1/4 c  ;Water
     1/2 ts Dried marjoram**
     1/2 ts Dried oregano**
     1/2 ts Dried basil**
       4    Fennel seeds; crushed
       1 sm Bay leaf
            Crushed chiles (opt'l.)
            -- to taste
            Cheddar, mozzarella or
            -Parmesan cheese; grated
   *Use a commercially canned brand which contains tomato puree.
   **Or 1 tsp. fresh herb.
   Heat oil in bottom of a medium, heavy saucepan.  Saute garlic and
   onions, stirring just to soften.  Do not let color.  Add remaining
   ingredients. Let come to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer
   gently, uncovered, 10 minutes.  Remove bay leaf from sauce before
   using or freezing.
   As pizza sauce, spread on prepared pizza crusts, English muffin
   halves or pita bread halves and top with your favorite toppings and
   sprinkle with grated cheddar, mozzarella or Parmesan cheese.  Bake at
   400 F. until bubbling and cheese has melted, 10 to 15 minutes.
   To use this as a tomato sauce for pasta, thin the sauce with stock or
   wine to desired consistency.  Leftover sauce freezes well.
   Yield: About 2 1/2 cups.
   From _Nancy Enright’s Canadian Herb Cookbook_ by Nancy Enright.
   Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, 1985.  Pg. 45.  ISBN 0-88862-788-2.
   Electronic format by Cathy Harned.