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                         ANDROMEDA VEGETARIAN CHILI
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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Vegetarian                       Main Dish
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/4   c            Vegetable oil
    1       md           Onion, chopped
    1                    Jalapeno pepper, finely
                         Chopped -- remove seeds
    2       tb           Chili powder
    1       tb           Masa Harina (or corn flour)
    2       ts           Paprika
    1       t            Cumin powder
    1       t            Oregano
      1/8   ts           Cayenne pepper
    6                    Dried apricots, chopped
    2                    Cloves garlic, minced
    1       tb           Brown sugar
    1       t            Yellow salad mustard
   15       oz           Hunt’s tomato sauce w/bits
    1 1/2   c            Water
    1       c            Heartline Meatless Meat
                         (Ground Beef style)
      1/4   c            Heartline Meatless Meat
                         (Beef Fillet style)
      1/2   c            Beer
    1       tb           Tomato paste
    Heat oil in large cast iron skillet. Add onions and
   jalapeno pepper and cook until the onion is
   transparent. Add chili powder, Masa Harina, paprika,
   cumin powder, oregano and cayenne pepper. Stir until
   seasonings are slightly toasted. Stir in apricots,
   garlic, brown sugar, mustard, tomato sauce, water,
   Heartline Meatless Meat, beer and tomato paste. Cook
   over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring often.
    Then cover and simmer over medium-low heat for 30
   minutes to help combine the flavors.
    Makes about 1 qt.
    Note:  Heartline Meatless Meats can be found in some
   health food stores or ordered from: Lumen Food
   Corporation, 409 Scott St., Lake Charles, LA 70601.
    This chili was the winner in the 4th Annual Lone Star
   Vegetarian Chili Cookoff, held in Dallas in October.
    It was the first place winner and People’s Choice
   Award winner. It was entered by Ben and Shirley
   Johnson of the South Texas Vegetarian Society in West
   Columbia, Texas.
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