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       Title: CHICKEN CHILI
  Categories: Mexican, Poultry, Chili, Beans
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 lb Skinned & Boned Chicken
            Breasts Cut Into 1 Inch
       2 tb Corn Oil
       4 md Onions, Chopped
       2 lg Green Peppers, Coarsly
       3 lg Garlic Cloves Minced
       1 ts Cumin
       1 ts Oregano
     1/2 ts Thyme
     1/2 lb Ground Round
       2    Bay Leaves
       3 tb Chili Powder
       3 cn Undrained Tomatoes
            (1 lb ea)
       1 sm Avocado Cut Into 1/4 in.
       1 c  Plain Lowfat Yogurt
     1/3 c  Minced Fresh Cilantro OR
            Italian Parsley
   Wrap Chicken & Freeze Until Firm, But Not Solid.  Grind Coarsely in
   Processor, Using On\Off Turns. Heat Oil in Large Dutch Oven Over
     Medium-High Heat.  Add Onions, Green Peppers & Garlic & Cook Until
   Brown, Stirring Frequently, About 15 Min. Mix in Cumin, Oregano, Coriander
     & Thyme & Stir 2 Min. Add Chicken, Ground Round & Bay Leaves.
  Cook Until
   Meat & Chicken Are No Longer Pink, Breaking Up With A Spoon, About 5 Min.
     Add Chili Powder.  Reduce Heat To Medium & Cook 5 Min, Stirring
   Add Tomatoes, Breaking Up Large Pieces With A Spoon. Mix in Tomato Paste,
     Salt & Pepper.	Reduce Heat, Cover & Simmer 45 Min., Stirring
   Uncover, Reduce Heat To Lowest Setting & Cook 1 1/2 Hours, Stirring
     Frequently Near End & Adding Water If Necessary, To Prevent Buring.
   Seasoning.(Can Be Prepared 1 Day Ahead & Refrigerated.) Sprinkle Avocado
   With Lemon Juice.  Ladle Chili Into Large Soup Bowls. Spoon 2 T. Yogurt in
   Center Of Each.  Top With Diced Avocado And Minced Cilantro. Serve Hot.