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       Title: Chili Con Carne (P/c)
  Categories: Meats, Soups/stews, P cooker
       Yield: 4 Servings
            -MARY WILSON  BWVB02B
   1 1/2 lb Ground beef
       1 c  Onion; diced
     1/2 c  Green pepper; diced
     1/4 c  Fat or drippings
       2 c  Canned kidney beans
       1 c  Celery; diced
       1    # 2-1/2 can tomatoes
       2 ts Salt
     1/2 ts Pepper
       1 ts Sugar
       2 ts Chili powder
     1/2 cl Garlic; minced
   Brown meat well in melted drippings in cooker.  Add green pepper and
   onions and saute. Mash 1 cup kidney beans and add to cooker with 1
   cup whole beans and the remaining ingredients. Pressure cook at 15
   lbs. pressure for 15 minutes.  Reduce pressure immediately. Allow to
   simmer without pressure a few minutes until the desired consistency
   is reached. Serves 4 to 6.