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       Title: CHILI CON PAVO
  Categories: Turkey, Chili, Tex-mex
       Yield: 5 servings
 ----------------------JUDI M. PHELPS----------------------
     1/2 c  Green spanish-style olives
       1 lb Ground turkey OR
       1 lb Ground-turkey sausage
       1 lg Onion; chopped
       1    Fresh jalapeno chili;
            -stemmed, seeded and minced
       1 tb Salad oil
       3 tb Chili powder
       7 oz Can green chilies; diced
      28 oz Can tomatoes
       2    Cans kidney beans (15 oz);
     1/8 ts Ground cloves
            Corn chips
            Cheddar cheese; shredded
            Cilantro; chopped
            Lime wedges
            Unflavored plain yogurt
   Slice olives; set aside.  In a 4-5 quart pan over high
   heat, combine turkey, onion, jalapeno, and oil.  Stir
   often until meat is crumbly and brown, about 20
   minutes. Stir in chili powder, green chilies, tomatoes
   (break up with a spoon) and juices, beans and liquid,
   cloves, and olives. Simmer uncovered, to blend
   flavors, about 15 minutes. Serve in bowls; offer
   toppings to add to taste.
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