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  Categories: Soups/stews, Vegetables
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 lb Fresh Asparagus Spears
   3 1/4 c  Water Divided
       2 lg Potatoes (1 Lb.)
            Peeled & Diced
       2 ts Chicken Bouillon Granules
     3/4 c  Skim Milk
     1/4 ts Salt
     1/8 ts White Pepper
            Lemon Rind Strips (Opt.)
     Clean Asparagus & Cut Into 1 Inch Pieces.  Combine Asparagus & 1/4 C.
   in A 3 Quart Casserole.  Cover With Plastic Wrap, Turn Back One Corner To
     Vent & Microwave On High For 5 Min.  Let Stand 3  Min. Add Remaining 3
   Water, Potatoes & Bouillon Granules To Asparagus Mixture. Cover With
     Plastic & Vent.  Microwave At High For 10 Min., Stirring Once. Reduce
   To Medium & Microwave 15 To 18 Min. Let Mixture Cool Slightly. Pour About
     1/3 Of Mixture Into Processor & Process Until Smooth. Transfer Mixture To
   Large Bowl.  Repeat Procedure With Remainingasparagus Mixture. Stir in
   Milk, Salt & Pepper.  Cover & Chill About 8 Hours. Stir Well Before
   Serving.  Garnish With Lemon Rind Strips. (Fat 0.5. Chol. 0.)