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  Categories: Soups
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 lb Dry red beans
       1 lg Onion
       2    Cloves
       2    Turnips
       3    Carrots
       3 md Potatoes
       4 pt Water
       1 sl Pumpkin
       4 oz Unsmoked bacon -OR-
       4 ts Olive oil
     1/2    White Cabbage
            Wine vinegar
   Soak the beans for a few hours; fill a large pan with 4 pt cold water,
   press the cloves into the onion, as if their were pins,  and add to the pan
   with the beans. (resist the temptation to use canned beans; it’s worth the
   extra trouble). Add the bacon cut into small pieces. When the beans are
   tender add the turnip cut into small cubes, the carrots sliced thinly and
   the pumpkin slice cut into large cubes. Discard the onion.
   When the carrots are almost cooked add the potato, peeled and cut into
   small cubes, the washed leaves of the turnip broken into medium size pieces
   by hand, and the leaves of the cabbage  hand-shred into large pieces. Let
   everything cook together for a while, until soft.  Place a teaspoon of
   vinegar in each bowl, and fill with the hot soup.
   Some soup lovers will add a dash of piri-piri sauce, or of Tabasco.
   The soup will taste even better if you boil a ham bone with the beans. If
   there is any meat left in the bone shred it and add to the soup. Discard
   the bone. (How obvious can I get?)  <G>