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       Title: Sopa De Entulho
  Categories: Veggie, Soup
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 lb Kidney beans (dry)
       2 md Onion
     1/8 t  Cloves, whole
       2 sm Turnips
       3 md Carrot
       3 md Potato raw w/o skin
       1 sm Pumpkin
       4 t  Extra Virgin olive oil
     1/2 ea Head Cabbage
       6 t  Vinegar
       4 pt Water
   Soak beans for a few hours in water; fill a large pan with 4 pints
   water, press cloves into onions add to beans, add olive oil. Turn on
   medium heat and cook until beans are tender. Cut turnip into small
   pieces and add. Cut carrots into thin slices and the pumpkin into
   large cubes. Add them to pot. Discard the onion with the cloves still
   in it. When carrots are almost cooked add the peeled potatoes cut
   into small cubes. The washed leaves of the turnip are broken into
   medium size pieces by hand and the leaves of the cabbage
   hand-shredded into large pieces. Continue cooking until leaves are
   soft. Place a teaspoon of vinegar in bottom of each bowl and fill
   with hot soup.  You can add a dash of Tabasco for more spice.