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 				   Wedding Soup
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     Serving Size  : 15   Preparation Time :0:00
     Categories    : Soups
       Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
     --------  ------------  --------------------------------
        1      Pound         Soup Bone
        2      Pounds        Beef Shank (Cross Cuts)
        1      Package       Soup Vegetables See Note
       16      Ounces        Whole Tomatoes Canned
 			    Parsley Flakes
 			    Salt And Pepper
 	 1/2  Pound         Macaroni -Elbows Or Other Small Pasta
        1      Large         Onion
       Boil water, soup bone, meat (as much as you like), and onion (cut in half
       Fill pan (largest pan you have) 3/4 full.  Bring to a slow boil and cook 
 for hours over low.  After water boils, add vegetables (use frozen or add fresh
  carrots and celery), parsley flakes, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook  macaroni
  separately and add to soup prior to serving. With ground meat,  make meat ball
 s as normal and add them directly into soup. Cook along with  soup for hours bu
 t make meatballs very small. Serve soup in bowl with  grated parmasan cheese sp
 rinkled on top.  Soup is very filling with  meatballs, or macaroni and meat.
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