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                            BEEF VEGETABLE SOUP
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Wash soup bones.  Put on aluminum lined tray and brown
   in a 400F oven until well browned on both sides.  Put
   bones in soup pot, drain grease and then get as much
   of the browned bits as possible using a little water
   to help them along.  Add water until the bones are
   well covered. Turn on heat. Add carrots, onions,
   celery, tomatoes (whatever goes with the soup) some
   salt and pepper and let simmer most of the day. Remove
   bones and chop what meat there is.  Throw out the
   vegetables and skim off as much fat as possible (if
   left in refrigerator overnight it will come to the top
   and get hard and can be removed easily).  Put chopped
   meat back, add 3 quarts whole tomatoes (mashed), a
   couple of cubed potatoes, and about a half package of
   frozen mixed vegetables.  Let simmer until potatoes
   are done and until needed. The soup is better the next
   day. Cooked noodles can be added.
   Posted by Pat Stockett. Courtesy of Fred Peters.
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