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       Title: Broccoli Soup
  Categories: Jaw, Soups, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 Servings
       3 c  Chopped broccoli
       1 md Onion, chopped
       1    Carrot, shredded
     1/4 c  Melted margarine
       2 c  Skim milk
       1    Can cream of chicken soup
            White pepper and paprika
   Saute broccoli, onion and carrot in margarine until tender. Stir in
   milk and soup. Cook until thoroughly heated. Add more milk to thin if
   needed. Chopped and cooked chicken bits can be added to soup to make
   a main dish. Sprinkle top with white pepper and paprika.
   From “The Austin American Statesman” typed by jessann :)