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       Title: SEAFOOD GUMBO
  Categories: Seafood, Soups
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 lb Shrimp
       1 pt Oysters
     1/2 lb Crabmeat, fresh or frozen
       2 tb Oil
       2 tb Flour
       3 c  Okra, or 1 T gumbo file'
       2 ea Onions, chopped
       1 cn Tomatoes, 16 oz.
       2 qt Water
       1 ea Bay Leaf
       1 ts Salt
       3 ea Garlic pods (optional)
     1/8 ts Red Pepper (optional)
    Peel shrimp before cooking & devein. Make a roux...
   use oil and flour in a heavy iron skillet. Over
   medium-low heat, place flour in the oil and let cook ,
   slow , until the flour starts to brown. Adjust heat so
   that the flour does not burn. You want the flour to
   turn dark brown, stir as needed but, keep dat flour
   from burning.
    When you are satisfied that the roux is as dark as
   possible without burning, add the cleaned shrimp to it
   for a few minutes, stiring constantly. Set the
   shrimp/roux mixture aside.
    Smother okra in another 2 T of oil, along with the
   chopped onions. Add can of tomatoes when the okra is
   nearly cooked. Then add water, bay leaf, garlic, salt
   and pepper. Add shrimp and roux to this mixture and
   let cook slowly for 20-30 minutes.
    Add oysters and crabmeat, cook for another 10-15
   If ya don't use okra, you can use gumbo file', which
   is crushed sassafras leaves, available in the spices
   rack of the grocery store. When using file' instead of
   okra, add it only after the heat is off... don't
   simmer or boil file'... it gets stringy. Let gumbo
   stand a few minutes after adding file' before serving.
   Serve over cooked rice.