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      title: potato chowder
 categories: soup
   servings: 24
       8 oz salt pork
   1 1/2 c  onion
     3/4 c  celery
       1 c  flour
       3 qt chicken stock
       1 lb new potatoes
      48 oz canned cream-style corn
       6 c  milk
       1 c  cream
     1/4 t  salt
     1/4 t  white pepper
 cook the salt pork in a heavy saucepot, over a low flame, to render the
 add the onions and celery
 cook until softened without browning
 add the flour, stir to make a roux
 cook for 4-5 minutes without coloring
 slowly whisk in the stock
 heat and whisk to a boil
 add the potatoes and simmer until tender
 stir in the creamed corn
 stir in hot milk and cream
 season to taste with salt and white pepper
 garnish with minced parsley
 serve hot