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                       HEARTY HUNGARIAN PEASANT SOUP
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups/stews                      Chicken
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1       sm           Frying chicken,  skinned
                         -and cut in pieces
    2       ea           Turkey legs, skinned
    1       lb           Of boneless beef stew meat
                         16-20 black peppercorns
    1       ea           Whole nutmeg
    1       ea           Beef bouillon cube
    1 1/2   ts           Salt
    3       qt           Water
    2       ea           Parsley roots with greens
    6       ea           Carrots
    1       ea           Leek
    1       ea           Onion with skin
    3       ea           Cloves garlic
    1       ea           Kohlrabi
    2       ea           Stalks celery
    3       ea           Sprigs of dill
    1       ea           Tomato
    1       ea           Green pepper
   12       oz           Soup noodles
   Put all of the meat into the soup pot and add the
   peppercorns, nutmeg, bouillon cube, and salt. Cover
   with water and bring to a boil. Clean the vegetables,
   discarding seeds and tops, except for the parsley
   root, the leaves of which should be used. Cut into
   large even chunks. After the meat has simmered for an
   hour, add the vegetables and cook gently for another
   hour or until both meat and vegetables are done. Cook
   the noodles separately and drain. To serve the meat
   Hungarian style, spoon noodles into soup bowls, and
   spoon broth over them for the soup course. The meat
   and vegetables should be served with crusty black
   bread as the entree. Hearty Hungarian Peasant Soup
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