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                         MARTY FEINS' EGG DROP SOUP
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    A simple and good egg drop soup is simply some very
   rich chicken soup..
    Some cornstarch to slightly thicken, like maybe a
   tsp, dissolved in a little stock, added to for each
   bowl of soup, bring to a simmer, add the cornstarch
   mixture when soup simmers. Add a little soy, very
   little to taste. While soup is on low boil, beat an
   egg or two, slowly dibble into the soup and stir
   quickly. Season to taste.
    To make 'Egg Flower' soup, do the same, but when
   adding the eggs, pour heavier down a fork right into
   the 'boiling' soup. Don't stir until egg coagulates.
    The egg will 'flower' up and look nice...
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