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                         SAN LUIS GREEN CHILE SOUP
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 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         Jim Vorheis
    6       md           Fresh Anaheim chilies
    1       lg           Red bell pepper
    1                    Fresh Jalapeno pepper,
    2       oz           Salt pork, diced
      1/2   lb           Boned chicken breast, thinly
      1/2   lb           Pork butt steak, thinly
    6       tb           Butter
    1       md           Onion, diced
      1/2   c            All-purpose flour
    1 1/2   ts           Chili powder
    1       t            Ground cumin
    1       sm           Clove garlic, minced
      3/4   c            Tomato sauce
    2       qt           Chicken broth, warmed
      1/2   c            Peeled, seeded and diced
    1       tb           Minced fresh cilantro
                         Avocado slices
                         Sour cream
   Roast Anaheim chilies, red pepper and jalapeno under
   hot broiler close to heat until skins blister, turning
   to char on all sides. Place in plastic bag for 10
   minutes. Peel, dice and set aside.
   In large skillet, cook salt pork until fat is
   rendered. Remove salt pork with slotted spoon; drain
   on paper towel. Increase heat and saute chicken and
   pork quickly until browned. Drain and set aside. Melt
   butter in large saucepan.  Add onion and cook until
   transparent. Add flour and cook stirring until roux is
   golden brown. Remove roux from heat and stir in chili
   powder, cumin, garlic and tomato sauce. Whisk in warm
   chicken broth and heat to simmering. Add chilies, red
   pepper, jalapeno, salt pork, chicken and pork to soup.
   Heat thoroughly and stir in tomatoes and cilantro.
   Heat to simmering.
   Creme de Colorado Cookbook (1987) From the collection
   of Jim Vorheis
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