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                       Creme d'Artichaux Aux Huitres
 Recipe By     : Mrs. Charles G. Moyers, Jr.
 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups & Stews                    To Post
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3                    Green Onions -- finely chopped
    2      Tbsp          Butter
    1      Dz            Large Oysters
    1      Qt            Chicken Stock
    1      14 Oz. Can    Artichoke Hearts
           Pinch         Tarragon
           Pinch         Chervil
    1      C             Light Cream
    4      tbsp          Chopped Parsley -- for garnish
 Cook onions in butter in a large skillet until wilted.  Add the oysters and
 their liquid and simmer very gently, just until the oysters plump a little
 on the edges.  Do not overcook.  Remove oysters immediately with a slotted
 spoon and set aside.  Add the chicken stock to the skillet.
 Drain the artichokes and add their juices to to the the stock and pan
 juices.  Add tarragon, chervil, salt, and pepper, and simmer mixture
 uncovered until it is reduced to about 3 cups.  Place 1 cup of the stock in
 a blender with the artichoke hearts and blend to a fine purée. (If a
 blender is not available, chop artichokes finely).  Return the artichoke
 mixture to the skillet with the rest of the ingredients, and simmer about
 10 minutes to blend flavors.  At this point the soup may be set  aside or
 Just before serving, heat the soup to boiling.  Reduce heat, and add the
 cream and poached oysters.  Correct salt and pepper.  Return the soup to a
 simmer.  Sprinkle with parsley and serve.
 Serves 6 as an appetizer.
 Source:  “Mountain Measures” -- Junior League of Charleston, WV
 ed. 1974
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