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  Categories: Soups, Low-cal, Beans
       Yield: 4 servings
 ----------------------PHILLY INQUIRER----------------------
       1    Onions; large
       1    Garlic clove; crushed
       1    Carrots; small
            Sage leaves
       1 tb Oil
       2    Cans, Great northern beans
 -------------------------15 OUNCE-------------------------
  14 1/2 oz Can clear chicken broth
            Salt; to taste
            Ground pepper; to taste
       Chop the onion;mince the garlic.Peel and shred the
   carrot.Dice the tomato.Mince the sage to measure 1
   tabls.( or subsitute 1 ts dried).
       Heat oil in large saucepan until hot.Add
   onion,garlic and carrot,and saute until onion is
   tender.Stir in beans with liquid and chicken
   broth.Stir in tomato and sage.Heat to boiling,stirring
   occasionally.Simmer about 5 minutes,stirring,just to
   blend flavors.Season to taste with the salt and
   pepper.Serve hot.Makes 4 servings...