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       Title: Scandinavian Rasberry Soup
  Categories: Appetizers, Soups/stews, Fruits
       Yield: 8 servings
      20 oz (2 pk) Red Raspberries *          3/4 c  Chablis **
     1/2 c  Orange Juice                        1 x  Fresh Orange Sections
     1/4 c  Lemon Juice                         1 x  Granishes ***
       1 tb Cornstarch                          1 x  Sour Cream
   *      Raspberries should be the frozen in syrup kind and be thawed.
   **     You can use other dry white wines in this soup, but just white wines
   ***    Garnishes to include Raspberries, Orange Rind Twists or Mint Leaves.
   In blender container, puree 1 package raspberries, strain to remove seeds.
   In medium saucepan, combine pureed raspberries, orange juice, lemon juice
   and cornstarch; mix well.  Over medium heat, cook and stir until slightly
   thickened and clear; cool.  Stir in remaining package of raspberries and
   chablis.  Chill.  To serve, place several orange sections in each bowl;
   add soup.  Garnish as desired; serve with sour cream.  Refrigerate left-