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                              Wedding Soup **
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 Serving Size  : 20   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups                            Chicken
                 Italian                          Pasta
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    5      pound         Stewing chicken
    2      can           Chicken broth
    2      md            Onions
    1      bn            Endive
    2      bn            Escarole
    1      bn            Celery -- chopped
    6                    Carrots -- sliced
    2 1/2  pound         Meatball mix
    1      pound         Pasta
                         Parmesan cheese
    4                    Eggs -- beat well
      1/4  cup           Romano cheese
      1/4  cup           Fine bread crumbs
 Place whole stewing chicken in a large pot with 2 whole medium onions. Add 2 cans
of chicken broth and water to height of fluid desired in pot. Season with salt
and pepper, and some garlic powder. Simmer chicken until it falls off the bones.
Remove chicken from the fluid, allowing it to cool. Remove onions and when
cooled, chop into pieces. Clean endive and escarole. Simmer in a separate pot for
about 10 minutes, or until wilted looking. Drain and squeeze dry. Chop into small
pieces. Add to the chicken broth along with the celery, onions and carrots.
Debone the chicken and chop into small pieces. Add to the pot.
 Make tiny meatballs using meatball mix ( a mix of ground pork and ground beef
along with bread crumbs).
 Simmer tiny meatballs in some water for a few minutes until set. Add meatballs to
the pot. Cook all for about 3-4 hours. Just before done, cook 1 lb of pasta (any
type small pasta). Add to the soup. Serve and enjoy!!! Can sprinkle parmesan
cheese over bowl of  PRODIGY (R) interactive personal service	     09/26/93	 
   10:10 AM  soup. Difficult but well worth it!!!! VARIATION: Mix 4 eggs, beat
well, and add 1/4 cup romano cheese, grated, and 1/4 cup bread crumbs. Add to
soup towards end of cooking time.
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