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       Title: Golden Cream Potato Soup
  Categories: cheese/eggs, poultry
       Yield: 1 servings
    1.50 c  boiling water
    3.00 c  diced potatoes
    0.50 c  chopped celery
    0.25 c  chopped onion
    2.00 tb flour
    2.00 c  milk
    0.50 lb chopped velveeta cheese
    0.50 ts salt
    1.00 ts parsley flakes
    1.00    cube chicken bouillon
       1    dash pepper
   Add water to potatoes, celery, onions, parsley, seasonings, and
   bouillon cube. Cover and cook till tender. Blend flour and a small
   amount of milk and then stir into the vegetable mixture. Add
   remaining milk and cook until thickened. Add velveeta cheese and stir
   till melted.