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       Title: Chili Bean Soup
  Categories: Mexican, Soups/stews, Beef, Beans, Chili
       Yield: 5 servings
       1 lb Pinto beans                         8 c  Boiling water
       1 ts Garlic salt                         1 ts Onion salt
     1/4 ts Thyme                             1/4 ts Marjoram
  10 1/2 oz Can beef broth                     16 oz Tomatoes, 1 cn
       1 pk Chili seasoning mix                 1 c  Hot water
   Rinse, sort and soak beans overnight. drain and empty them into a large
   pot; add boiling water, garlic and onion salts, thyme and marjoram. Cover
   and simmer until beans are tender, about 3 hours. (Don't let beans boil
   dry;add hot water as needed.) Spoon out 3 cups of cooked beans to use
   another day in another way. Mash remaining beans with their liquid. Add
   remaining ingredients. Heat 10 minutes to blend flavors.