1 pound asparagus cut in one inch lengths - tips reserved.
 4 cups chicken stock.
 2 tablespoons butter or 4 ounces cream - optional.
 Salt and pepper to taste.
 Slowly simmer the asparagus, not the tips, in 3 cups of the stock at least
 30 minutes but preferably 1 hour.  Blend at liquify in a blender until
 smooth.  If aasparagus is “woody” strain through a tea strainer.  Use 1 cup
 of stock to rinse blender.  Add butter or cream is desired.  Salt and
 pepper to taste. Makes 4 servings.
 Note: I have used homemade stock, canned stock, and even boullion with
 success.  Homemade is obviously best.  This does not do well with canned