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  Categories: Soups
       Yield: 8 servings
       4 oz Bacon ; cut small pieces
       1 c  Onion ; minced
       2 ts Parsley ; fresh flat leaf
            -        finely chopped
     1/2    Bay leaf
       2 c  Celery ; minced
       1 c  Green pepper ; minced
       3 c  Minced clams ; 16 oz cans
      16 oz Clam juice ; bottled
      28 oz Italian-style tomatoes
            -      drain (saving liquid)
            -      and chop
       4 c  Potatoes ; peel/dice
       2 ts Butter
       8 c  -water
     1/2 ts Black pepper ; freshly groun
            -salt to taste
            -parsley, fresh ; chopped
            -         for garnish
   In a heavy pot cook bacon with onion, parsley, and black pepper for about 5
   minutes.  Add the 1/2 bay leaf, minced celery, and minced green pepper;
   cook for 15 minutes. Add juice from minced clams, 1 eight-ounce bottle of
   clam juice, reserved liquid from tomatoes, diced potatoes and water; simmer
   for 25 minutes longer. Add the clams, tomatoes and second eight-ounce
   bottle of clam juice; correct seasoning.
   Add butter; sprinkle top with parsley.  Serve with crusty garlic bread or
   oyster crackers.